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Free yourself from chronic pain 

Woman in pain hugging a Pillow

Imagine being able to live your life free from chronic pain. To be able to move freely, sleep comfortably and do all the things in life you really want to do.

What is pain?
Pain is the body’s danger sign. It is your brain’s way of shouting at you to  alert you to danger and get you to take action. For example, when we touch something hot, the pain causes us to move away, so you avoid damaging your skin and nerves. If you break your leg, the brain will send you pain messages to stop you walking on it and causing more harm. If a wound is infected, it will cause pain, prompting us to s
eek medical treatment. 

But with some chronic conditions, such as back pain, endometriosis, fibromyalgia or GI issues, often there is no action to take except to manage the pain. It's as if thehe brain forgets to switch off the pain signal. The pain switch has got stuck in the ‘on’ position, long after the danger has passed
Through hypnotherapy, we harness the power of the subconcious to switch off these pain mesages, reducing or eliminating the pain completely.

We know, for example, that people can walk miles on a broken leg, if there’s no other way to get help. And we know that we can forget about pain temporarily by focussing on something else. If we busy ourselves with something, the pain goes away for a while. And pain is often worse at night, when we are trying to sleep, because there is nothing else to distract us.






Research has shown that pain is more severe when we are stressed or anxious. People who are able to remain calm or can be reassured that they are safe when they are injured or ill, will experience a reduction in their pain, even though nothing else has changed.

So it is clear that the amount of pain we are in does not always correlate to the actual level of danger. It can be influenced by our state of mind, or external circumstances.

Hypnotherapy has shown some impressive results in helping to alleviate chronic pain. Several research papers have reported that for adults with chronic pain, hypnosis conferred an improvement in pain intensity, and that this is maintained post-treatment.

pain fatigue cycle

We can help you live a life free of pain. To find out how, call us now

Pain control - Self-hypnosis audio session


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