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Lose weight safely and easily with MindMatters

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Are you frustrated with trying and failing to lose weight? Fad diets or yoyo dieting?


Hypnotherapy can be very successful in helping people to lose weight. We all know we need to make healthy food choices and take regular exercise, but sometimes it is hard to find the motivation. Hypnotherapy can help you make lifestyle changes so those decisions become easy and natural.

There are many reasons we may eat, other than hunger. It might be because of stress, boredom, or feeling low, or to reward or treat ourselves. Sometimes we comfort eat, or eat out of habit.

At MindMatters, we understand that everyone is different. We offer you an in-depth consultation session to understand the reasons behind your eating, and offer treatment to strengthen your motivation and make positive changes to your lifestyle.


Using hypnosis, you will feel motivated to change how you eat, and stop comfort eating or bingeing. You will be more in control of your life and your eating habits and you will enjoy and crave healthy food.

MindMatters can help you achieve success and live a life free of dieting, easily and permanently. To find out more, or book an appointment, call now on 

Weight control - Self-Hypnosis Audio


Prefer self-hypnosis?  Maybe you want to try it out before moving on to face to face therapy?  Listen to one of our self-hypnosis sessions and start experiencing the benefits of hypnotherapy straight away. 

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