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A phobia is an irrational fear, a kind of anxiety disorder in which a person has an extreme fear reaction to a situation, creature, place, or thing which most people would consider to be harmless.


Many people suffer from phobias, and for some people, this has a major impact on their lives. Some people who have phobias go to great lengths to avoid a perceived danger, stopping them from doing things they might otherwise enjoy. 






Hypnotherapy is an effective method to permanently treat phobias. We use a specialist technique which reprocesses memories so that normal, everyday activites will no longer trigger a fear or panic response. Hypnotherapy will reprogramme the brain's fight or flight response to inappropriate cues and triggers. Through hypnotic suggestion, we introduce positive responses to situations which, up to now, have induced fear or panic. 


At Stepping Stones, we have helped people overcome phobias of all sorts of things, from heights to horses. After just 3 sessions of hypnotherapy, our clients have reported a lasting freedom from their fears and a massive improvement in their lifestyles. Have a look at our review page to see some of their stories.


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How does Hypnotherapy help?

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