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We can help you to improve your game


Many people struggle to do as well as they would like to in their chosen sport. You need to to have the right attitude to do well. You need to believe you can succeed otherwise doubts, anxiety, or unrelated thoughts can get in the way of your game. Through hypnosis, you can improve your performance, remain focused and achieve your desired goal.


Hypnotherapy has proven to be effective in bringing about positive change, developing new habits and behaviours, and releasing unhealthy or unproductive emotions, habits and behaviours.


Hypnotherapy can help you overcome issues of self-doubt which may be keeping you from moving to the next level. We can help you hone your skills, fine-tune your technique, and give you a level of self-belief and confidence to enable you to excel beyond what you may have previously thought possible.


MindMatters will help you focus on doing your best. You will concentrate on exceeding your personal goals and motivating yourself to play your best game every time.

These are just some of the many famous athletes who have used sport hypnosis to relax their mind, focus on the challenge in front of them and improve their game.

Tiger Woods
Michael Jordan
Alison Rodger
Scott Mitchell

Self hypnosis audio download

Prefer self-hypnosis?  Maybe you'd like to try it out before moving on to face to face therapy?  Download one of our pre-recorded self-hypnosis sessions and start experiencing the benefits of hypnotherapy straight away.  Click here to visit the shop.

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