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This is what our clients say about us:

"I cannot thank Nicole enough for the positive change she has helped me to achieve. I felt very at ease with Nicole and her professionalism and knowledge is outstanding. It was my first experience of hypnotherapy and so I am very grateful that I had the chance to experience this with such a brilliant hypnotherapist and it really has worked!"

Isabelle - treatment for self esteem and motivation

"Hi Nicole, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your sessions with Eliza. I think this last one really helped her. I really appreciate your support." 

Eliza - treatment for anxiety and self-confidence

"We happened upon Nicole whilst browsing the internet but luckily struck gold! She was professional in her approach whilst also being empathetic and able to quickly put my daughter at easy. It's early days but after four sessions, including the introductory session, Nicole's approach seems to have had a significant impact. Highly recommended."

Justine - treatment for eating disorder

"I met a real specialist. Nicole knew how to get past my barriers and guide me exactly on the path I had to follow. Her deep thinking and quick understanding of the problem, intertwined with a warm voice and lot of patience are proof of a good hypnotherapist"

Bianca - treatment for self confidence and self-esteem

"Thank you, Nicole. I can't really put into words, though I talk a lot, what your help has meant. You have given me the tools to live rather than just be alive. It is very powerful"

Rekha -  treatment for anxiety

"Had a fabulous hypnotherapy session with Nicole to ease my anxiety, having felt rather overwhelmed in recent months, and I have to say slept so soundly that night I actually felt refreshed for the first time in years. I am so grateful to Nicole and Stepping Stones."    Cathy - hypnotherapy for stress

"A few weeks ago I would only speak when spoken to, due to the fear of making a fool of myself. I now find myself entering discussions voluntarily and initiating conversations with others. I have also had success with two interviews in which I found I had a clear mind and could express myself without my usual anxiety and physical symptoms (shaking etc) getting in the way. With thanks to the sessions I have had the courage to accept a job teaching abroad, something I have always dreamt about, but not had the confidence to do. Not only are the sessions extremely effective, but Nicole made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment we met. Thank you for everything, Nicole, I now have a new perspective on life and am excited about the challenges that lie ahead of me!"

Jackie - treatment for social anxiety and self-esteem

"I just wanted to let you know that Noa passed her driving test last week. She says on the day of the test she felt incredibly calm and relaxed which I am sure is due to your treatment. Thank you for your help."

Noa - driving test anxiety

"I am so happy I used Stepping Stones Hypnotherapy to ease my anxiety. The results are fantastic and I was amazed at how quickly it worked!
I would highly recommend stepping stones- a very professional and relaxing approach that has changed my life! Thank you"                              

Gemma - treatment for anxiety

"Thank you so much - I have been able to drive over bridges where I normally feel a bit panicky and I even got a rush of happiness! Then on holiday, I went on a zip wire at a water park. Thank you so much for curing me!"

Laura - hypnosis treatment for phobia of heights

"Just wanted to send a quick thank you - I've had a very productive (non-procrastinating) day at work today, and its all felt very natural and not at all a struggle. Thank you so much!"                                  

Sam - treatment for stress and anxiety

"Thoroughly recommend Stepping Stones Hypnotherapy. It has worked for me to overcome my recent feelings of stress and anxiety. I'm now in control of my thoughts. Amazing, would recommend to anyone."     

Anna - hypnosis treatment for stress and anxiety

I just wanted to say a massive THANKYOU for the hypnotherapy sessions. We have just been on a trip to Paris and I rode the lift all the way to the top of the Eiffel Tower and back down, I can't thank you enough!   Emily - hypnotherapy for phobia of lifts

"OK, I kid you not... 30 years a smoker, One session with Nicole and an EASY 10 days clear! I have no intention, desire or need to go back, No Thank you, I don't... smoke!!! Top marks, totally relaxing, 100 % successful for me. If you want to quit but not sure if this is the way to go, message me, I've climbed walls before trying, this way, it's simple! thank you Nicole, you literally are, a life saver!"

☀️☀️ Tina - stop smoking hypnosis

"After 26 years of biting my nails and absolutely hating the fact I do it I went to Nicole and after just 1 session I now haven't touched my nails since!!!!!! Thank You So Much! I would recommend it to anyone!!!"                               

Ceri - treatment for nail biting

"Thank you so much  - the session was amazing and afterwards I felt much more positive. And I passed my driving test!"    

Kieran - hypnosis for driving test anxiety

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